Jeff Slobotski

Jeff Slobotski
Entrepreneur Working in
The Midwest

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I'm an ENFP on the Myers Briggs scale who enjoys good people, great ideas and amazing places. I'm the Founder of Router Ventures, a seed stage investment firm based in Omaha. I've worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence with the High Alpha venture studio in Indianapolis as well as created Silicon Prairie News and the Big Omaha extravaganza. I'm daily striving for matching socks and to leave a positive lasting legacy on everyone I come in contact with.



For the past fifteen years, I have been working directly with the entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and change agents who tirelessly strive to build their dream in between the coasts. With a background in finance and banking as well as a general curiosity around people and their stories, I have a strong desire to connect and share people's experiences and figuring out not only what makes them tick, but what they need to succeed. 


What others have to say about jeff...

In a world cluttered with “friends” and “followers”, and littered by the commodity of “social” endorsements — any blurb doesn’t seem to cut it for Jeff. He’s the sort of bloke you make a toast to. He is a rare breed. A throwback. A guy that loves to connect dots and relentlessly looks to be a alchemist for his peers and community. He has introduced me to amazing people, and has created enriching experiences for me and my work. I value him and his friendship.
— Marc Eckō
The way that Jeff and his team are putting the Midwest on the map has been inspiring. He is gifted at building authentic relationships to both connect and amplify the energy that’s taking place within the region and beyond. A great city and community is one that never stops unfolding. I’m excited to see what unfolds in the Midwest over the coming years.
— Tony Hsieh